Seeing countless #metoo on my feed, my heart breaks. I too experienced sexual harassments and I never spoke out about them.

Seeing many courageous women with this hashtag gave me the strength to finally post my own #metoo.

I never told anyone about my experience, not because I was ashamed, but it was because I didn’t want to disappoint my mother.

Now I’ve become a mother myself, I truly hope that my child would ALWAYS be able to come to me to talk about everything.

Would I have done things differently back then when the incidents occurred? My relationship with my mother was a complicated one. I considered my mother a bit of a fragile soul, so my decision to not tell her would remain the same. But I would have wanted to report it to the police at least. I was young, I wasn’t able to speak up for myself.

Looking back my childhood from a mother’s perspective, there were many things that I would do differently from my own mother. But particularly I would hope that I would have an open and honest relationship with my child. As a new mother now I also realised that she did her best to raise my siblings and I, despite our somewhat complicated and stressful relationship.

Importantly now I also have the opportunity and the responsibility to raise my son into a person that would be kind, considerate to others, and a protector, a champion for equality and justice.



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