Postpartum: the less talked about part

Postpartum recovery was perhaps a lot less talked about – after all mothers have just met their babies and the love I experienced for my son was describable. However while there are plenty of posts on taking care of newborns, there didn’t seem to be enough on a mother’s recovery journey.

I would say my delivery and recovery were pretty standard – it was an emergency c-section, and by coincident my surgeon was also the doctor in charge of our IVF. I was so happy to see a familiar face when he walked into the hospital room. My son was 3.4kg – and it felt so unreal (or more real!!) when the nurse held him against my skin.

I was in the hospital for a few days – and even though I’ve just had a major surgery, I was still expected to “get up the next day” to take care of my son. I was surprised at how little support I actually had. My husband came in during the day but he wasn’t allowed to stay at night. I was completely on my own and could hardly even walk. It was hard. I wanted to go home as soon as I could just so that I wouldn’t face the night on my own. All that the nurses and midwives cared about was breastfeeding. It didn’t matter much that I just came out of a surgery, my feet were swollen like tree trunks and I could only just make it to the bathroom.

Recovery was mentally and physically draining. Coping with the pain initially and then the ever changing body. My body really wasn’t mine anymore. I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. I needed to focus on that.


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