Sick of hearing the word “breastfeed”

It started before my son was even born.

I don’t think I needed to go into details as to how much pressure and unwanted advice on breastfeeding a mother would receive during and after the pregnancy. As if I wasn’t planning to breastfeed and as if I hadn’t already read everything I needed to know about it before my son was born.

It felt like I heard this word 2 million times within the 24 hours of the birth of my son. Multiple midwives, “consultants” came into my room in the hospital, all eagerly tried to “teach” me how to do it. They couldn’t quite believe that nothing came out.

I finally yelled at a midwife at the hospital to give me some formula after trying to feed my son for 3 hours when there simply was nothing. He was so hungry and cried for hours. Her reply cut like a knife, “we don’t give formula willy nilly”.

I lost it and replied that I would NEVER starve my son.

The whole breastfeeding thing has gone so far that it seemed like whether or not a baby was actually HUNGRY wasn’t actually important as long as we breastfeed.

I’m going to say it out loud here – this is insane.



6 thoughts on “Sick of hearing the word “breastfeed”

  1. I was asked if I am planning on breastfeeding since the day I got pregnant. I always said I will as it was something all mums do and it’s easy. I went to breastfeeding classes and after birth my LO latched like a champion. It all lasted five weeks. After this I could only say “F that!” My baby needs a normal mummy not a depressed, overtired, crazy woman. I gave up and we went on formula. It does not matter what we do as long as the baby is healthy and happy. Boob vs Scoop will always be a war started by stupid people


    1. You are absolutely right! In my mind I could never justify “keeping on trying and milk would come eventually” when that meant that I would starve my baby. It’s simply about what works for each baby and mommy and no one situation is the same πŸ™‚

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      1. So true. Society likes to make rules about everything not thinking that no baby is the same, no pregnancy is the same and no boob is the same (heck we have two and they are not identical πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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