Pregnancy: The Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

I didn’t think I quite mastered the art of keeping calm and carrying on. If someone had warned me about this particular skill I would’ve been able to take the stupid advice a little easily. Here are some of the funny advice I was given:

Don’t raise your hand above your shoulder (how would I wash my hair then?)
Don’t wash your hair
Eat lots of fish
Don’t eat fish
You’re not eating enough
Hold your nose and eat fish
Don’t let anyone touch your shoulder
Start preparing ginger water for washing your hands with after birth
You must do confinement after birth otherwise your body would be ruined FOREVER
Your newborn might want to choose his own toy
Don’t buy any bottles you wouldn’t need them (thank goodness I ignored this one)
You need a specific nappy bag (I still couldn’t quite believe someone gave me, the bag lady, a piece of advice on bags)
Sleep now (like I was sleeping with all the pregnancy cramps and pain)
Enjoy now while you can (like I enjoyed having my skin torn apart and could hardly walk?)
Don’t drink cold water
Stay in bed for as much as possible
Don’t use epidural (ha!!)

I knew that people didn’t mean any harm, and they just wanted the best for me. I wished I had learned about not giving a f*ck before I was pregnant.

The whole advice thing didn’t really stop there – let’s save them for another post…


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy: The Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

  1. I got si much not needed advice while pregnant. I swear ten people had ten different opinions about absolutely everything. I did hate the one on sleeping (my LO is 16 months old and although she does sleep through the night I can say that I am still sleep deprived – the last time I slept all night was sometime in my first month of pregnancy).


    1. It was seriously super annoying – I really didn’t like the whole fish thing (and this came from a man!! Like how would he know what it was like LOL). The whole “no bottles” thing – I could probably write a whole other post about it LOL…! My son (10 months) goes through phases of sleeping through and not sleeping through. The last time I slept uninterrupted (like no dummy runs at all) – yea it was early stage of my pregnancy too!! Hang in there Mama 😉 !

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