Pregnancy and Career: on hold or not on hold?

Without even thinking I said to myself, “OK staying where I am for now till the end of the maternity leave at least”.

But then I thought – hang on, why did I just say that to myself?

I’ve always believed in fighting for equality and the fact that I would even go there in the first place bothered me a lot. I wasn’t even pregnant yet.

Would a possible father-to-be ever say that to himself? I highly doubted.

Do women hold themselves back because of the possibility of having a family? I kinda just answered my own question. In my mind I went through a few reasons:

“I need stability”
“What if there are complications”
“New manager wouldn’t like it”

I realised that I needed to change my mindset completely. I needed to focus on the end goal and not the obstacles before it. Why – if I kept my focus on my goals I would eventually get there.

“A new opportunity will be great”
“I have a great support system if there were any complications”
“The new manager will be a true leader that knows that I’m in it for the real game – I will be valued”

Soon after a job opportunity actually popped up. It was in the same company but in a different team. I informed my manager that that I had applied for it. He said to me, “What about your planned IVF treatment?”

“What ABOUT my IVF?” I replied.

He thought about it carefully for a few minutes and said, “It shouldn’t matter anyway”.

“No it shouldn’t”.


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