Preparing for IVF and (possible) pregnancy: To-Do List


This was probably the easier part of the year-long-wait for IVF. While thinking about IVF and coming to terms with Endometriosis was exhausting – the things on my actual to-do list weren't actually that bad in comparison.

$$$$$$$$ Money $$$$$$$$
Raising a child is expensive. This news article said that it cost something like NZ$250,000 to raise your child to the age of 18.  I couldn't quite see that far ahead given the whole statistics on IVF, but we could make a start on saving for my maternity leave and the money for baby essentials. We worked out how much money we need to live on comfortably and aimed to save enough money before the start of the treatment.

This one was a funny one. Should I hold my career and stop looking for opportunities? This is a whole other post to come.

Saving leaves
New Zealanders get 4 weeks of paid leave annually. I started saving the paid leaves and used them in conjunction with the parental leaves. This would shorten the amount of unpaid leaves I had to use. My husband also saved his leaves so that he could take as much time off as possible.  In the end he was able to take 4 weeks off.

Maternity leave
Planning on the actual time period of the leave was interesting. How long would I need to actually recover? Natural birth recovery time period vs C Section? Not that it was really a "choice" anyway but a bit of researching to prepare my expectations was helpful. I have had 2 surgeries in the past and I was expecting myself to recover rather slowly. This was going to be the time which I needed to take care of myself, not just the baby. The next question was when would I need to get back to work? We decided that we wanted to spend as much time with bubba as possible after the birth – it was going to be such a precious time and you know, my child was going to be a baby once! Under the law my employer could keep my job for me for a year – so a year it was.

Our house was a bit of a doer upper. Throughout the years we've been doing it up slowly. This was a good year for us to finish up the last bedroom of the house – we hoped this bedroom would turn into a nursery.

We booked a couple of mini breaks (we were on a budget after all) to take our minds off these things a bit. Just to clear my mind and to remind myself to see the big picture.


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