The Start: Monster in the dark: Endometriosis

The first time we saw our specialist, he smoothly weaved in the word “endometriosis” as one of the reasons to why we had trouble having a baby. Before that day I wasn’t even really aware of what it really was.

A surgery a few weeks after confirmed what we suspected – it was this thing called endometriosis, severity category 4.

It was like an “a-ha” moment. It explained a lot of the symptoms which I thought were “normal”. I did seek medical advice years ago and I was told that there was nothing and I was healthy. Obviously the doctors that I’ve seen in the past were wrong.

I started googling about this disease and reading blogs from others who have had it. I wasn’t surprised to read that there didn’t seem to be enough awareness about it. The symptoms were often dismissed as the “normal” part of having a period. This monster has been hiding in there in the dark this whole time.

The surgeon worked on me for about an hour and half and cleared the way as much as he could.

Somehow knowing a reason as to why we weren’t able to have a baby made me feel “better”. Suddenly I had an answer. Secretly I was starting to feel really pissed off with people asking us about having children like it was their business. Perhaps having an answer would make answering their questions a little easier…

My specialist warned us that having this disease, in his experience, meant that we would most likely need IVF to be able to conceive. I wasn’t surprised as I had already googled the sh*t out of this after my surgery. In my mind I was already prepared to have IVF treatment when I called the clinic to make the first appointment.

We were put on the waiting list for IVF – funny enough though that because now I knew the reason of the infertility, IVF was to be free for us, funded by the public health system. The waiting list was about a year, which gave me enough time to process this whole thing internally (as well as googling the sh*t out of the IVF process).


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